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International Women Building Businesses Abroad

Supporting international women in business to create their road map to financial independence with successful businesses abroad. 

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About Us

We are a group of women, who live in Spain and want to start, grow and scale our businesses.  Starting a business as a foreigner in a country can be a daunting task.  In our own country, we understand taxes, legal structures, have a community of friends and family around us to give us support, advice and encouragement.  IWBB is the space to get those connections, information and support from an eclectic mix of wine drinking women!

We have regular events around the world, all hosted by our incredible members, we run courses and workshops and have a fantastic membership program to bring you experts from all around the world.  Our sole aim is to give women the tools, support and community to give you the biggest chance to succeed and thrive.

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It is tough setting up and scaling a business abroad so we have designed 3 fantastic resources to help you thrive. Finance, social media, business analysis, we have it all!


“IWBB has been pivotal in my business and also my personal life. It is through IWBB that I met my now business partner and it is through this partnership that our business has grown and developed into a dream come true for both of us. It is also through the IWBB and its members that we constantly get support, input, ideas, inspiration on how to make our business better, more agile and more efficient. It is a group that helps you grow, challenges and helps you make your business grow while at the same time offering a safe space for you to do so! On a personal level, I constantly get inspired by its members and their products and services. Through this group I’ve tasted the most amazing cakes, printed the most personalized cards, had the most beautiful pictures from me being taken, had my beliefs being questioned through innovative practices and so on. The list here would be too long. I can only say Thankyou IWBB and Natasha Kennedy for this. I cannot be grateful enough.” Live Your Brand

Marissa Elizundia

Co-Founder, Live Your Brand